President Trump Is Planning To Participate In Second Debate

According to Benny Johnson on Twitter, the President of the United States is planning on making it to the second debate. This would be a major development considering that the President was just recently diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Could this be the moment that saves Trump and brings him more support? It is yet to be seen but many Americans could see this as encouraging. The fact that the President continued to work while sick with the virus could move many undecided voters his way. Participating in a debate this quickly after the diagnosis could also prove to help him.

What Will The Debate Look Like?

It is likely that the debate will have barriers similar to the upcoming VP debate to protect Joe Biden at all costs. President Trump appears to not be bothered by risks and is continuing to work while sick. Joe Biden has been spending a lot of time at home and off the campaign trail. This second debate is likely going to focus on what we should do going forward about the virus. Will President Trump, having contracted the virus, have the advantage? Or will Joe Biden appearing more responsible about the virus help him receive a boost? We will all find out on October 15th in Miami.

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