Peter Strzok Says President Trump Hasn’t Done Enough Against White Supremacy

Peter Strzok, a former FBI agent, said, “In the first instance, he should be seeking to tamp down unrest, he should be seeking inclusion, he should be denouncing. How is it ojectionable? How can it possibly be problematic to say, I am against racial violence? To have any other position at all is simply unacceptable with what we stand for as a nation. And every person needs to think through exactly what it is that’s coming out of the mouth of the President of the United States.”

Strzok wants the President to tamp down unrest, well, he’s been calling for the end of these riots that have taken over the country since they started in May. Seeking inclusion, well the President is mindful of every citizen in America and of every group of people, so much so that he has supporters from every demographic: Blacks for Trump, Women for Trump, Latinos for Trump. LGBTQ for Trump, Veterans for Trump, Students for Trump, and so many more. If he wasn’t inclusive, these groups would not exist.

Trump is and has been denouncing white supremacy for years. It seems Peter Strzok has forgotten the video from 2017 when he specifically denounced white supremacy and has never supported any group that promotes hate and racism.

President Trump is actively working to put an end to racism and to help those who feel marginalized or victimized by racism. He has been working on and just announced “The Platinum Plan” which will give better employment and education opportunites to Black Americans. An official part of that plan is to designate the KKK, the most famous white supremacy group, as a terrorist organization, as well as ANTIFA.

A man who truly finds no fault with white supremacy wouldn’t make these efforts to rid our country of the existing groups who do promote hate and racism. He wouldn’t spend as much time with members of the Black community listening to them and their needs, nor would he have so many supporters of the races he is “supposed” to hate. And he certainly wouldn’t have appointed to cabinet and staff members to his administration of different races.

President Trump has proved countless times that he is a friend of the Black community and there is no place in his heart for racism or prejudice. Any claims that he is a racist or that he “hasn’t done enough against white supremacy” is a flawed media attempt to smear the man. It didn’t work in 2016 and it won’t work this time either.

Sources: Conservative Brief, Conservative Outlet; Photo-AP News

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