HUGE Trump Parade in the Very Blue New York City

New York is a very blue state and is run by Democratic leadership. The last place anyone would think a huge Trump parade happening would be in New York.

The official Students for Trump account tweeted a video of a packed street in New York City with hundreds of cars donning Trump 2020, TRUMP/PENCE, Don’t Tread on Me, American, Thin Blue Line flags to support the President.

People can be seen walking through the streets sporting their MAGA hats and other Trump gear. This comes as a great surprise as New York isn’t one to lean Republican. In the last few months, videos and pictures from several other blue states have shown overwhelmingly large groups of citizens coming out to show their support for the President.

States like California, Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, and many others have recently drawn large numbers for Trump parades. A trend that took hold this summer were boat parades. Trumpers took to the water and secured Trump flags to their boats and paraded through the ocean and lakes to shout support for President Trump.

It seems like a landslide win for President Trump is becoming more and more possible by the day.

Sources: Students for Trump Twitter; Photo-Twitter

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