The Vice-Presidential Debate Takes Center Stage While Trump is Recovering From COVID-19

The Trump Campaign can look forward to October 7th as that is the day that Mike Pence will take on Kamala Harris in Salt Lake City for a debate. With the recent events, the Trump campaign has really taken a massive hit because the main character can’t be out doing rallies like he used to. This debate is a great opportunity for the campaign to gain a little traction before Trump is healthy again.

The real question that remains to be seen is how much the American people care about the VP debate. Kamala Harris has been relatively quiet so far as the VP candidate and this is her chance to show the American people what she plans to be as the VP. One would expect this debate to be a little more civilized if the moderator doesn’t gang up on Pence. Kamala Harris is rated as one of the furthest left on her voting record inside the senate, so Mike Pence will likely be on the attack when it comes to her politics rather than anything personal.

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