The Obama’s Send Well Wishes to the First Family and Everyone Facing the Virus “No Matter” Their Party

Former President Barack Obama sent out this message,

“Michelle and I hope that the President, First Lady, and all those affected by the coronavirus around the country are getting the care they need and are on the path to a speedy recovery. Obviously, we’re in the midst of big political battle right now, and while there’s a lot at stake let’s remember that we’re all Americans. We’re all human beings. And we want everyone to be healthy, no matter our party.”

This message comes with great timing from the former Democratic President especially as thousands are celebrating and hoping for the death of President Trump following his diagnosis with COVID-19. As updates about President’s Trumps condition have become available, many have commented with hate hoping the President suffers and dies.

Some people have even thrown parties in celebration of the President’s condition. Others think he is lying and not actually sick, but his doctors have confirmed the positive test. Obama is right, we should all want and wish health for everyone, no matter what we think of them or how our beliefs differ. If Nancy Pelosi were to contract the virus, Republicans would be praying and sending well wishes her way, they would never wish for the death of anyone. It is repugnant that people would celebrate illness of anyone, like Obama said, we are all humans and we are all Americans; we should treat each other as such.

Sources: Twitter, Breaking 911; Photo- The Wall Street Journal

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