President Trump’s Physician Releases Statement Saying He Doesn’t Have A Fever and Is Breathing On His Own

It appears that this evening the President’s physician has confirmed that Trump is doing well. According to the release by Press Secretary Kayleigh Mcenany, The President has done two rounds of the drug Remdesivir and is currently breathing without any supplemental oxygen. He has been doing business today and working as he should since he is the President of the country. Read Below.

Speculation has been widespread in the media about the condition of the President. It seems as if a lot of the speculation is nothing more than leftists hoping that bad news comes. There have been many people on the left cheering for the downfall of the President. There has also been many on the left who have been respectful towards the President during this hard time. Regardless of what anyone on the left thinks or does, the President knows his base is praying for him nightly to make a swift recovery.

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