Ohio Democratic State Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent Endorses President Trump for Re-Election Citing his Great Efforts for the Black Community and Divisiveness of the Democratic Party

Bernadine Kennedy Kent is a Representative for Ohio and has announced that she is endorsing President Trump for re-election. She noted that she feels her values more closely align with President Trump’s rather than Joe Biden and his “divisive rhetoric”.

She is not the first Democrat to come out and publicly endorse or leave the party. Representative Vernon Jones from Georgia has recently endorsed President Trump as well and other democrats from around the country, even several people holding office, have decided to leave the Democrat party and vote for Trump this November.

Kent says she admires the President’s dedication to law and order and the respect her has for the Constitution. She said, “His strong leadership and willingness to fight for education and economic empowerment for minorities has brought unprecedented hope to the American people.”

She spoke of the success he’s had with serving the Black community and how under his administration Black Americans are able to thrive. “President Trump has provided a record number of Black Americans with a real shot at the American dream. Under President Trump’s leadership, Black Americans have experienced record-low unemployment and the poverty rate among the black community has fallen to its lowest level in U.S. history.” She noted that the reason he’s had great success is because he is willing to listen and he’s invested in the interests of Americans.

Kent referred back to when Joe Biden said “if you can’t figure out if you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” and said that she aligns with Trump’s willingness and not the “divisive rhetoric” of Joe Biden or his “promotion of mass incarceration, and disrespectful, insensitive ideologies.”

She finished her statement with, “Not only am I Black, I am a proud American and delighted to endorse President Trump for re-election. Furthermore, I am honored to share with my people my intent to vote for him and spread the word on the value of his leadership and his dedication to the American people.”

Sources: Fox News, Conservative Brief; Photo-Azi Base

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