The Media Continues to Lie About Trump and White Supremacy

It is starting to become a complete denial of the reality in front of us with the democratic party and their media. The blatant lying about Donald Trump and his “support” for white supremacists can be debunked with a simple search on the internet. The unfortunate reality of the time we live in is that it doesn’t really matter if Donald Trump does condemn it for the 15th time, they will never be satisfied with his answer because they don’t actually want to hear it.

Water Isn’t Wet

To call people misinformed about this topic is no longer accurate. You are either lying or telling the truth when it comes to Trump condemning white supremacy. You cannot say truthfully that Trump is a supporter of white supremacy. The facts simply aren’t there for you to back the claim up. This is equivalent to stating that water is no longer wet. If you want to hear Trump condemn white supremacy, look no further than the video listed below.

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