Leo Terrell Rips Joe Biden a New One – Says “He is not a friend to the African-American Community”

Leo Terrell is a former democrat who has joined the Trump Train in recent years. On Fox News after the debate coverage, Leo Terrell did not hold back his anger towards the democratic nominee. See the video of Leo below.

47 Years in Office and what does Joe Biden have to show for it?

This is one of the main arguments of President Trump at the debate last night. Joe Biden has been in Washington for 47 years including 8 years as vice-president. Why should the American people, who don’t trust the career politicians at all, trust Joe Biden to run this country during this trying time? Why should the African-Americans vote as a monolith for Joe Biden and the democratic party? He has provided no answers or plans as to how he will suddenly be an effective politician after failing to do so for 47 years. It is becoming clearer by the day that Joe Biden doesn’t really have much policy, his campaign is simply I will raise your taxes and the orange man is bad.

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