Joe Biden Jabs President Trump Prior to the Debate; Says Trump is “Not That Smart” and “Doesn’t Know That Many Facts”

Democratic Nominee Joe Biden wasn’t holding back on Monday as he took jabs at the President of the United States. In an interview on MSNBC, Joe Biden was asked about the upcoming debate on Tuesday and what he is expecting to happen. Joe believes that Donald Trump is going to only use personal attacks because The President doesn’t know about things like foreign policy. We can only imagine what will happen if he says that to The President’s face at this debate. Donald Trump has recently hit a home run when it comes to foreign policy as he continues to help facilitate peace in the Middle East instead of starting another endless war. If there is anyone who doesn’t know much about the Middle East, it is the politicians who helped destabilize it over the past 50 years. Watch the short clip below from @Breaking911 on Twitter.

Debate Prediction

Former Vice-President Joe Biden can study all he wants prior to the debate, but it is going to be tough for him to compete with Donald Trump on the national stage. Biden has struggled in many interviews and has been avoiding questions from reporters. To expect him to suddenly come out and be firing on all cylinders is unreasonable. Donald Trump should be able to handle him in this first debate simply because he knows how to win debates. We saw this in 2016 and we are likely to see it again this year. Studying will only get Biden so far, he has never had to debate Trump 1 on 1. There is a decent chance that Biden will get hurt by these debates so expect to see Trump in his top form.

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