Department of Justice Reports that Over 300 People Have Been Charged with Crimes Committed “Under the Guise” of Peaceful Protests Since the End of May

An announcement from the Department of Justice says that over 300 people from 29 states and Washington D.C. have been charged with committing crimes under the guise of peaceful protesting.

The press release from the DOJ said, “Violent opportunists have exploited these demonstrations in various ways.”

40 of the 94 US Attorney’s Offices across the country have filed federal charges. These “peaceful protesters” have been arrested and charged with federal crimes such as attempted murder, assault on a law enforcement officer, damaging federal property, arson, burglary of a federally-licensed firearms dealer, damaging federal property, malicious destruction of property using fire or explosives, felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, unlawful possession of a destructive device, inciting a riot, felony civil disorder, and many others.

Around 80 people have been charged with arson and explosive related offenses. About 15 have been charged with damaging federal property. Roughly 35 individuals have been charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer and similar offenses. About 30 have been charged with civil disorder related offenses.

The DOJ said, “Through these acts, these individuals have shown minimal regard to their communities and the safety of others and themselves.”

Sources: Breaking 911, Fox News; Photo-The Sun

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