Liberals are Calling on Joe Biden to Nominate Michelle Obama as the next Supreme Court Justice if he is Elected President

On Saturday, The Hill published a piece saying, “To honor Justice Ginsburg’s legacy, Biden should consider Michelle Obama”. Joe Biden is yet to put out a list of judges that he would nominate to the Supreme Court if he were to win the election. President Trump announced earlier that he will have a decision for nomination made and announced by Saturday and that it will most likely be a woman.

The author, Roger House said, “The nominee must be someone who advances the cause of racial and gender justice and quells the Republican efforts to bum-rush a replacement.” It continues to say, “What it means is that the Biden campaign cannot simply propose to nominate a woman of traditional qualifications for the court. If it is to make history, then it must spotlight a woman who embodies the dream of the civil rights movement. That person is former first lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama.”

Several have argued that while she is an accomplished, intelligent, capable, and smart woman she is not qualified to be a Supreme Court justice as she hasn’t actually practiced law in over two decades. Roger House thinks she is qualified because “traditional qualifications” cannot be the only considerations when picking a new SCOTUS Justice. In his editorial, House noted, “In Obama, concerned Americans would be comforted by her well-known intellectual acumen and dedication to the goals of equal justice and fairness. She is singularly qualified to occupy the seat that inherits the ideals of Ginsburg.”

A Justice for the Supreme Court of the United States must have an extensive knowledge and dedication to the Constitution and promise to uphold those rights. No other qualifications should matter. When a new Justice is appointed they should hold the inherent ideals of the Constitution, not a singular person. Justice Ginsburg was a wonderful and accomplished woman, but she strived to follow and uphold the Constitution, that is the responsibility of every and any Supreme Court Justice.

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