President Trump Believes Democrats’ Impeachment Plan To Block SCOTUS Pick Will Backfire

On Monday morning, President Trump did was not worried at all about the Democrats’ impeachment threat. Their goal would be to block a senate vote to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently stated that the Democrats have options to stop a senate vote and would not rule out impeachment.

President Trump showed no concern whatsoever. In a recent interview with “Fox” and “Friends,” Trump said, “I think my numbers will go up, I think we’ll win the entire election, I think we will win back the house.” He also noted he was surprised by the threat considering they’re trying to impeach him “for doing what constitutionally I have to do.”

The president recently tweeted about the situation, saying, “…This would be a FIRST, even crazier than being Impeached for making a PERFECT phone call to Ukrainian Pres.” He still plans to announce the SCOTUS pick Friday or Saturday of this week.

Source: NYpost, Foxnews; Photo: CNN

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