FBI Director Christopher Wray Claims Russia is Interfering With 2020 Election

FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed that Russia is taking “very active efforts” to influence the upcoming election in November. Wray also claims the underlying motive of this interference is to denigrate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and thus favor President Trump.

Wray testified before the House Homeland Security Committee on Thursday. He said the Russians were using social media, proxies, online journals, etc. to hurt Biden’s chances of winning the election. He also described the Russian’s interference as “malign foreign influence,” which he claimed was different from the supposed Russian influence in 2016.

In addition to the Russian Interference talks, the FBI director also tried to debunk President Trump’s claim of antifa being a “terrorist organization.” Wray said, “Antifa is a real thing…but it’s not an organization or a structure.” He also labeled white supremacist violence as the most noteworthy domestic terrorism threat in the country.

Sources: foxnews.com, politico.com; Photo: NBCnews.com

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