Democrats Reject Republican Coronavirus Relief Bill

Republicans and Democrats have been back and forth on another coronavirus relief bill but once again Democrats are dragging their feet and saying it wasn’t enough. Included in the bill are funds to help Americans who are facing unemployment due to the pandemic and country shut down. The bill had an unemployment subsidy of $300 weekly, schools would receive $105 billion, farmers $20 billion, US Postal Service $10 billion, childcare assistance $10 billion, as well as $47 billion for vaccines and testing, and a $258 billion Paycheck Protection Program allowing forgivable loans for small businesses for keeping staff who aren’t needed due to a lessened demand. But Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, said it was “a rather pointless vote on the latest highly partisan Republican emaciated COVID relief bill.” The blocking of this bill leaves unemployed Americans to continue struggling when some much needed relief could have been headed their way.

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